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Tornado Alley


Went to see Sean Casey’s new IMAX film Tornado Alley today. Something I’ve been looking forward to ever since the season ending of Storm Chasers. Was kind of cool because Dr Kosiba was there too (http://www.cswr.org/contents/staff-Karen.php). We chatted for a little bit before we had to get out of the DOW, as others were waiting in line.

The movie was worth the admission, but I do have to say that IMAX films are not so good when the camera is bouncing around. I now understand why some people get nauseous in these theaters. While I enjoyed the movie, I do prefer the HD TV version (of the show) better because of the picture quality. Although, some of the images were pretty neat to see at such scale. It gave you the feeling and grandeur of the size.

In all, it was nice to see what Sean put together. I do hope he provides an extended version if/when it gets released to DVD. If you’re an extreme weather nut, you’ll enjoy it.

As for the weather here, what can I tell you. A fairly strong onshore flow is still causing all the clouds and occasional showers. At least there are sun breaks. Don’t count on much of a change for the next few days though. In fact the clouds could increase a bit as a deeper marine layer settles in. Same story, different day. Still waiting for summer.